about us

The word “sojourn” means, “a period of time when one stays in a place as a traveler or guest.” Synonyms include: visit, vacation, rest and stop.  It is our hope that Sojourn Homestays will provide all of these opportunities for international students studying at universities in Northeast Ohio.

Our goal is to create space for meaningful conversation between east and west through American meals and lodging.

We create space:

  • In our schedules for those we don’t yet know.
  • At our tables to share food and conversation.
  • In our homes to welcome the sojourner.
  • In our minds to consider the world from a different perspective.
  • In our hearts to love those who are like us and those who are not.

We create space in two tangible ways:  Open Tables and Open Rooms.

Sojourn was founded in January 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. After getting to know a group of students from the Middle East, we recognized that despite the best efforts of local universities, many international students find it difficult to form meaningful connections with the American public.  Likewise, many Americans who desire to welcome and host foreign students are unsure how to connect with them.  Sojourn Homestays was formed to bridge this gap and create space for life-changing relationships to form and grow through meals and lodging.